Monday, February 22, 2016

Mission calls, funerals and beaches

Our nephew Reese just got his mision call!  He's still in Hawaii for school but he skyped in so we could all join in the excitement of opening his call.  After quite a bit of chaos and waiting for everyone to Facetime or skype we were ready.  It was fun to be a part of it and we are so grateful for the example Reese is setting for all his younger cousins.  

And the call is to Nashville, Tennessee! Congratulations Reese.  We love you!

We made an unexpected trip to Newport this month.  Ryan's grandpa Ralph has been having health issues and passed away a few days ago.  We stayed with our friends (the Pitts) and made the most of our trip by squeezing in a quick trip to the beach.  It was still chilly being February and all, but the kids still had fun!

We also made our way to a local park to race these little car things.  It was rather life endangering (or at least it felt that way when I rode down the path) and the competition was fierce.  Amber Pitt and her kids were rather experts at it and the Reeses were trying to hang!

Shayli was actually pretty good and kept beating Ryder consistently.  He wasn't happy about that and if you look closely, you can tell he's getting ready to try and run her off the course.  Bad form, Ryder.  Bad form.
He he he!  It was actually pretty cute and fun to watch them compete.

Saturday was Grandpa's funeral.  He served our country so he had a a full color guard during the burial.  (I think that's the correct terminology?)

 It was a beautiful ceremony and very patriotic.  Just like Grandpa Ralph.

On Sunday we headed home.  But first we needed one last shot of all the Pitts and Reeses together!  These kids love seeing each other and can't wait for our next trip down south.  See you in June!

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