Monday, February 22, 2016

Mission calls, funerals and beaches

Our nephew Reese just got his mision call!  He's still in Hawaii for school but he skyped in so we could all join in the excitement of opening his call.  After quite a bit of chaos and waiting for everyone to Facetime or skype we were ready.  It was fun to be a part of it and we are so grateful for the example Reese is setting for all his younger cousins.  

And the call is to Nashville, Tennessee! Congratulations Reese.  We love you!

We made an unexpected trip to Newport this month.  Ryan's grandpa Ralph has been having health issues and passed away a few days ago.  We stayed with our friends (the Pitts) and made the most of our trip by squeezing in a quick trip to the beach.  It was still chilly being February and all, but the kids still had fun!

We also made our way to a local park to race these little car things.  It was rather life endangering (or at least it felt that way when I rode down the path) and the competition was fierce.  Amber Pitt and her kids were rather experts at it and the Reeses were trying to hang!

Shayli was actually pretty good and kept beating Ryder consistently.  He wasn't happy about that and if you look closely, you can tell he's getting ready to try and run her off the course.  Bad form, Ryder.  Bad form.
He he he!  It was actually pretty cute and fun to watch them compete.

Saturday was Grandpa's funeral.  He served our country so he had a a full color guard during the burial.  (I think that's the correct terminology?)

 It was a beautiful ceremony and very patriotic.  Just like Grandpa Ralph.

On Sunday we headed home.  But first we needed one last shot of all the Pitts and Reeses together!  These kids love seeing each other and can't wait for our next trip down south.  See you in June!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Lexi!

Lexi turned 12.  How can this be??? The young women heart-attacked our door as a surprise for Lexi.  She felt loved!

She also got to celebrate her last Sunday in primary where she followed tradition and gladly broke her popsicle stick. Her best friend Dallin has his birthday on the 12th so they got to do it together.

OH! Side note: Broncos won the Super Bowl 50!!!! WHEEEE!!! Kendri and I were faithful supporters.

Side note 2:  Dexton.  DEXTON!  He loves to needle my tendons in a painful way.  He's been so cranky and I think it's his teeth trying to break through.  But he finds solace in pinching me.  And it hurts.  Like bad.  This too shall pass.......

Now back to Lexi......She was nominated for the Valentine's Dance Queen.  She was so shocked and surprised to hear her name called as a nominee!  She told me she never would have thought that she would be nominated.  She didn't end up winning but I'm confident that if there hadbeen a runner-up, it would have been Lexi!  :)
Such a busy weekend we had with all of these fun things....and it doesn't stop there.  Lexi's birthday happened to fall on President's Day this year which meant 3 day weekend and a Monday afternoon birthday party!  Jennie Silcox (Dallin's mom) and I decided to throw a joint party for Dallin and Lexi.  It obviously had to include an R2D2 cake.  (This was going to be Kyson's cake until he wanted the other one......)

We did a Make-your-own-pizza party with friends from church.  And then we headed to the park for a giant nerf gun war.  It was pretty low key and easy.

Happy Birthday Lexi and Dallin!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday Kyson!

Kyson's birthday fell on a 3-day weekend this year so we decided to head up to Angels Camp and let the kids ski.  But first we had a birthday to celebrate!

Star Wars has been huge so naturally Kyson wanted a Star Wars cake.  I was planning on making him one until Gamie offered to pick one up at the grocery store. And I'm no dummy...... Kyson liked the toy on top of the cake and really loved his store-bought cake.  I was just happy not to have to make one. Win-win.

One of his big-hit presents was a bow and arrow set.  The bows glow and the arrows glow.  And they can fly really far!  He got a set from Gamie and a two sets from us. The idea was to have family wars with them.  The cousins had a great time with them and the 3 sets came in handy for sure!
And then it was on to skiing.  The kids are getting pretty good.

Shayli got to go for the first time this year.  She did great but was done by noon.  Ryan found her with her ski school crying and wanting her dad.  She turned in her skis and hung out with Gamie for the rest of the afternoon.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, Dexton and I were just doing our own thang.  And by that I mean eating cake. :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 and some more stuff

We brought in the New Year with good friends and good food.  We celebrated with lots of families at the Hatch home where we played minute it to win it and then had a rockin' dance party. We may have played all the songs from the 80's and 90's while all the teenagers and tweens rolled their eyes at the their mothers but we didn't let that stop us from doing the Running Man.....And Lora can't throw a party without a balloon drop.  We did the countdown with New York and let the balloons fall!

The following weekend we headed up to Stockton to cheer on the BYU basketball team when they played against  UOP.  We met up with the Hatch's again and had a great time!

 And moving on to other things......someone is mobile and getting ornery! At least he's pleased with himself.

What he isn't pleased with is having all of his siblings and friends outside playing without him.  He's been feeling quite left out.

Your time will come honey-bun, your time will come.....

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas!  We couldn't wait for Dexton to wake up and we figured he wouldn't mind if we started without him....

We didn't have to wait for long for him.  He must have known he was missing out!

 Dexton didn't have a ton of presents this year but this beanie was one of our favorites.  He looks so stinkin' cute.

  And what about those pj bottoms? He might as well head to the North Pole.....

 The big gift this year was from Santa.  And boy did he hit a homerun! Nothing says joy like seeing how high you can jump! (Kyson - this is your mother speaking: Please return to earth.")

We headed up to Angels Camp after we dragged the kids off the tramp.  We met up with all the cousins and kept the celebration going!

One of Shayli's favorite gifts came from Grandma Reese.  Fur and sparkles just about sums up Shayli in a nutshell.

We decided Dexton should just stay festive in his cute pjs.  He was nice enough to let grandma Reese snuggle with him.....for about 2 seconds.

The family kept busy working on the Giant's stadium  jigsaw puzzle all weekend.  We didn't finish it but we got a good start on it!  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Nativity 2015

We did our live Nativity this year in Redbridge and it turned out great as usual.  A big thanks to Lynne who always heads it up! 

If you look closely, you might recognize a shepherd (Kendri), Mary (Lexi) and baby Jesus (our own little Dexton).

Kyson was an angel for the first time, I mean for the production.  And Shayli shined bright as she led the shepherds to the our baby Jesus. 
 Lexi finally had her big debut as Mary.  She has been waiting for this moment for the last 3 years.  Being big sister to Baby Jesus really helped her lock in the part.

And is it just me, or has baby Jesus never looked sweeter?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

It Ain't Christmas Without the Polar Express

First off, let's admire this white and gold tree that belongs to Gamie.  We had a our annual dec-a-thon (I just now named it! Our holiday decorating party happened and this year I helped with this flocked tree upstairs.)  Anyhoo, that's all.  It's lovely. 

I felt a little like I was cheating on my traditional red and gold tree by loving this white tree so much, so I posted a picture of it too.  It's also lovely.

And one more thing before we get to the polar express......Dexton started eating solids!  Here's  pic of his first taste rice cereal.  He didn't love it or hate it.  He just was so-so about it......

Our little Dexton is also starting to scoot.  He made his way over to all the glory and luckily couldn't inflict too much damage due to his height restraints.  Stay tuned for next year.....eek!

And as always, the Polar Express was fantastic!  We ate at a quaint little restaurant right across the street from the train station and then walked over. 

Everyone enjoyed their hot chocolate and story time.  We were a little disappointed that the unlimited cookies and hot chocolate wasn't available this time around.  One per person.  #cheap-o

 I have to tell you.  This picture was totally planned and staged.  I felt like I needed to be documented so I instructed Ryan to take a picture of me pretend reading to my children.  And Dexton wasn't interested in reading.  He made it quite challenging to look natural....

Shayli loves this baby so much it hurts.  She's always wanting to shower him with kisses. 

 Here is Gamie and Pa with all the grandkids.  It was fun to have everyone there this year (minus Reese who was in Hawaii for school).

Overall, another successful trip to the North Pole! HO HO HO!